Ludum Dare 49 game jam - game entry
Theme: Unstable

Music licensed from Artlist.


Please read the instructions below

NOTE: Please be aware that it hardly can be named a game, has no menus and a very simplistic gameplay. Fly rocket and pick up power-ups, avoid falling rocks.

Do not let your Health or Stability progress bars fall to 0 - any of those mean GAME OVER.

NOTE: To play in browser please click with mouse when the game will start playing. Then you can use space and arrows keys.



Fly - space
Move: left & right arrows or [A] & [D] keys

Install instructions

Please be aware that I was not able to test Linux build.
I checked Mac and Windows builds through Itch app manager.
Sorry for any inconveniences, please let me know if you will have some.


Download 39 MB
Download 40 MB
Download 53 MB

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