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Love this game, really polished.

It was quite confusing in the beginning but eventually got the hang of it.


Thanks for checking it out and leaving the comment!

As you may have already seen in description, on youtube or discord there are already many things on my TODO, making a better onboarding / tutorial included. Unfortunately it will need to wait a bit, even though I already have a few things in progress.


really nice (top demais, in my language)

Thanks for checking it out!

I am glad you like it. It will be better, so I encourage to come back and check after some time or just follow the project here on Itch.

I do not know Portuguese at all, but I have checked the meaning ;-)


Awesome game man! The visuals, gameplay, music and sound effects are spot on. Keep up the great work.

I also left some feedback via Discord


I appreciate a lot checking out the game and nice words about it Dash! I will put some effort to improve it more to be more appropriate for epic gamers like you!

I look forward for your games updates as well as the new ones you have in progress. Keep staying awesome!


Cool game! :D

Thanks for checking it out Retro Ferret!